I have had a great summer. I’ve traveled and I really enjoyed the time off my hectic schedule. I also must admit that I’ve eaten in a way that has reflected that I’ve been on vacation (ha!). I have gained some weight. It is now time now to move myself back to implementing the health behaviors that I know leave me at peace with my body.  

A week or so ago, I had an unexpected day off from work. My first thought was “Ooh, I am going to treat myself!!” I immediately began to think about what I wanted to eat. What joy I found in rattling off my list of options for food! It was decided: I was going to order food and watch one of my favorite shows at the moment.  

However, as I gave it some additional thought, I also realized that I have treated myself all summer, ha! I may not need to do that anymore. Though I have grown in many areas, I still struggle with a short-sighted mentality. It is often hard for me to sacrifice what I want now for what I want more.  

What about you? 

This may be seen in choosing to satisfy a craving in the moment in spite of knowing that you will experience a setback later. 

This is choosing to say what is on your mind, rather than taking the time to pause and choose your words to capture the best way to heal the relationship you so desperately want.  

Surviving our “moments” can be quite difficult.  

One thing I have found helpful to do is to “pause,” or take an intentional moment where I reflect on the choice I am preparing to make. Sometimes just taking five additional minutes may allow you to move past the immediate desire and see beyond what is right in front of you. It may be a quick prayer. Or taking the time to be mindful of your needs, your true needs, in that present moment.  

Allow yourself the grace to think. 

What do I want most? 

Though it may not feel like it, remember, you always have a choice. It may just take some time for your options to become visible.  

I have been practicing this lately, with food and with life. It has been more healing than I expected.  

Take your pause and reflect. You may see a pathway forward you didn’t know was there.  

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