You look with frustration at the number on the scale, as it only serves to remind you that there has been no change. Or at least not a change in the right direction. Why? What is the reason your hard and frustrating work seems to yield little to any results? Or if you do have some change why do you find it so easy to regain you weight all back.

Others might be frustrated because the scale seems to consistently be going up. No matter what you do. Feeling out of control appears to be the most accurate way to describe your life and relationship with food. Its grip often feels like a “ball and chain” with no hopes of escape.

Our relationship with food is so complex. With all of the opinions and advice, it can be challenging to discern truth. In hopes of “keeping it real” I want to share a few reasons why the weight is not leaving your body.

1) The Brownie Principle
I love chocolate. Love! when I am in the presence of any type of chocolate dessert, I find myself forgetting anything but the fact that there is a chance to eat my favorite foods- a chance I do not want to miss. Whether you love brownies or some other treat, the place of similarity lies in the fact that the food controls you and not the other way around.You eat because the food is there. Or because someone offers you a bite. The “brownie” often wins because you cannot “afford” to let it be wasted and in the presence of this “food” (or any food), your self control is totally null and void/non existent.

2) You eat for all the WRONG reasons
I get excited when its meal time. In fact, after I’m done eating I find myself contemplating the logistics of my next meal. Food has always been a wonderful and loving friend. Comfort does not begin to describe how I feel about food. We often eat for many reasons, the least of which is hunger. Eating occurs because I am bored, angry, upset, nervous, looking for something to fill the time, celebrating, conditioned to “Clean my plate”, and ________________(you fill in your reason). Listen up! Eating outside of hunger will lead to weight gain. When your body does not ask for the food! and you eat anyway, guess what – you will gain & keep extra weight.

3)I exercise everyday and eat healthy foods and I still don’t lose weight..
Listen people- its not about exercise- your weight is largely determined by the food you eat. Period. If you are not in sync with your body and its needs, it is likely that exercise will have little impact. We think of eating as just a behavior and believe we ought to choose how much we eat. We have it mixed up. Our body should be the one dictating its needs.Eating healthy is wonderful and needed. Overeating healthy foods is not wonderful. It does not matter if you are eating 5 carrot sticks or a fatty hot dog-if you eat more than your body physically needs, that weight will not go anywhere.

4) You don’t eat what you want…
There are some that believe that you must restrict “certain foods” from your diet because they cause weight gain. As a result, you deprive yourself of your favorites, claiming to be walking away from your old lifestyle. You might be fine for a season, but will almost always end up “relapsing” and consuming your favorite treats in excess and despair. You are not a failure. This pattern of restriction and excess will often lead to a craving that makes you feel like a slave. What would it be like to regain a relationship with your body so you can understand its needs and wants? Our bodies are amazing and can be a trustworthy guide if we let them.

Do a personal assessment: When was the last time you remember being hungry? Really hungry? What about fullness? What did you do after you realized your body did not want anymore food?

Think about it….

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