This weight loss journey is NEVER boring! My . . .

So, recently, I have decided to weigh myself every day. For most of my life, I have heard that daily weighing is a “no-no” and can cause you to be over-concerned about the number on the scale, and may impact you psychologically (e.g. make you obsess). I have learned that, for me, I must get on the scale at least once per week. In the past, when my weight would fluctuate more, I noticed that I would gain weight far more quickly if I did not weigh myself on a regular basis. I learned – I’ve got to make myself look, even if I’m scared of the result (at least once a week).

Well, since I started school, I’ve been learning about all the positive benefits of daily weighing. I finally decided to give it a try. I have weighed myself every day for the last 7 days. One thing I learned quickly- no more hiding. Yup. I used to hide from the scale when I ate out, or ate things that I knew were high in calories. I would only weigh on days that were “good” days. I know – don’t judge me, lol. Well, now that I weigh every day, I see which days are actually good and which days could use some improvement. I can watch the scale actually change every day. Watching hasn’t made me crazy. In fact, I believe that now I am more informed about what is happening, and now have enough information to pinpoint when any potential damage to my weight loss goals occurred.

Here is an example: You all know how I have been lamenting for the last year about my lack of weight loss. Sigh. While I have seen some recent improvement (!), the weight loss has been very, very slow. Well, now that I am weighing daily, I realize that much of my hard work is undone over the weekend. Yup. I had a fun weekend off, and was able to watch the scale go up, and then see it take ALL week to come back down, LOL. All that work – the 6am exercise, the salad, no cookies, no pizza, less bread – undone in 2 days. Um, really? I have to admit – that reality stung a bit.

I am still trying to process this morning. And if I’m being honest, I’m not sure if I will keep up daily weighing despite seeing its benefits. Its almost too much information. Despite my feelings though, I can’t deny how interesting it was to see the process of my weight change. What say you? Weigh daily or not?

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  1. You have me thinking about getting the scale out just for my edification. This will be a good activity for me.

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