scale help  So, if you were hoping to read about my amazing weight loss in these last few months, I will be disappointing you.  I haven’t lost more than 2 pounds.  However, that does not mean I haven’t made progress.  I’ve lost some things I unknowingly picked up along the way.  Pride.  Laziness. Poor eating habits.  There has been a lot of work that God has had to do in my heart.  He always has new things to teach me.

Since my last entry, I have been working out.  At least twice per week and sometimes three.  I have limited my pizza intake too – order it once per month, and make it myself any other time I want it.  I also limited my pancake and dessert intake– once per month.  I have been trying to focus on eating more fruits and vegetables with my meals too. It is hard, but I am sick of feeling like a slave.  I’ve been growing.

My weight loss journey has been incremental.  In my previous seasons I have been focused on overeating.  In this season, it’s all about the exercise and the healthy foods/behaviors.  I feel like I am starting to see hope on the horizon.  For my weight, that is.  I don’t like being 20 pounds over my ideal weight, but I have been feeling better since I have been exercising.  There are some moments where it feels like nothing will change.  But more often than not, I feel hopeful. I see my new behaviors and know they will reap a benefit eventually.  I see my son (as I drag him to the gym with me) and I know this will help him learn to take better care of his body too.  All worth it.

So often, I look at my health behaviors ( working out and eating healthy) as things I do because I want to see numbers I like on the scale.  However, I feel God has been beckoning me to think of my “eating as unto the Lord.” What does that mean? Look at this verse with me:

“Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters, 24 since you know that you will receive an inheritance from the Lord as a reward. It is the Lord Christ you are serving.” (Colossians 3:23-25).

My previous reward has been the numbers on the scale.  Good, but not enough.  I need to see this current weight loss attempt – the focus on eating healthy and working out, as something I’m doing to please God.  Such a higher calling.  I still have more work to do, but am really feeling like I’m on a better path.  I also will consider updating this blog as something that I’m doing to please God.  I’ve been fearful of being consistent with it, but I plan to update it once per week now.  Your prayers are requested. Praying with and for you all as you journey too.

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