There are no words to express how frustrating it is to attempt a new diet plan and find yourself failing. Over and over again. No emotion can capture how devastating it can feel to get your hopes up that this will be THE diet, THE route, THE eternal way to lose the weight, and yet, find the desired results eluding you.

Author Gwen Shamblin was correct in addressing the problem with most contemporary diet plans: none of them can take away the desire to overeat. None of them. You can eat carrot sticks, celery, and forego carbohydrates for as long as you want, but none of that behavior change will take away the very innate desire in the center of yourself that causes you to desire more than you physically need to eat. That is what many of us need- someone to step in and change our hearts so that we no longer desire more than we physically need, no longer desire to use food inappropriately, and no longer attempt to satisfy with things that only leave us hollow and empty.

We are in desperate need of a Savior. Desperate. And that is what God wants to do in your life. He wants to teach you how you might start to use food, and where you can actually go to find nourishment, and the very strength for your soul. Knowing he wants to give us this gift does not make the road any easier. And many of you might be saying, “how on earth am I supposed to change my desire to overeat?” This, unfortunately, is not something you change all on your own. Changing your desire to overeat comes from being in the presence of one greater than yourself, who has the power to fill you so that you no longer want things that only will destroy you.

Your first step? Sitting down, finding a place of solitude, and choosing to SEE. We must look and see what our choices, our ways of satisfying our hearts, and the now consequences that “using food” have brought. What has it cost you? Choosing to recognize this is the very first step, as in doing this, I can now say “I am sorry, God. I’m sorry that I chose to use something else over finding what I need in your arms. Show me where true nourishment might be found and please take away my desire to overeat.”

I remember when God first confronted me with how I had been using food. I was startled, but also knew He was right. He had to change my heart so I would no longer feel comfortable about overeating. It was not until I truly saw my sin (gluttony) as no longer being acceptable that I began the journey of permanent weight loss. Through the process, God lovingly let me know there was areas in my heart that needed his touch.

Don’t waste any more time. Do you really want to lose this weight? Really? Start choosing to look deeper and don’t turn away from your reflection in the mirror. Your freedom depends on it.

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  1. This Blog is very helpful. It has very good information. Please keep up the Godly work you are doing.

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