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Last week, I made an appointment with the nutritionist. It was my first one.

Since March, I have been maintaining my weight (mostly). Though I would have told you I had a desire to work toward weight loss, that was not apparent in my actions. I took a step in the right direction, but really wasn’t ready to move forward with the focus needed to lose weight.  I was just looking to not do further harm.

A few weeks ago, the baby stopped nursing. I realized I had a bit more free time. I had a long talk with myself.  If I was going to lose weight, I was going to have to change my behaviors.  I would have to do more. (sigh).

My accountability partner recommended I try the nutritionist. I first felt uncertain and maybe even some pride–I never needed the nutritionist before, why would I start now? But, I quickly pushed that thought away; I had enough evidence from the last four months to know that things are different. I quickly called and made an appointment.

On the morning of my appointment, I looked longingly at the pan of cookie bars in the kitchen, knowing my relationship with them was likely to change. Sigh. Thought about eating one “just because,” but I decided against it at the last minute. It was time to move in a new direction.

I logged into my appointment, preparing myself for the worst. It actually was nothing like I thought. I first went through a triage process, and the counselor I met with assessed my goals and current barriers. She asked me questions that were directed and logical–do you track your calories? Do you meal prep? How have you lost weight in the past? She then provided me with a meal plan to try for the next week, with some encouragement to use a tracking tool.

So, after reminding myself that my way wasn’t really working that well, I decided to try it. First stop?  The grocery store. I went and stocked the house with all the foods that I needed to eat. I followed the plan. I tracked my calories. I ate the foods on the recommended food sheet. I increased my physical activity. And as always, I prayed and asked God to help me.

As you can imagine, when I followed the plan, things went well. I felt better. I had more energy. It actually wasn’t that hard–I just needed a little support. Though I have traveled this journey many times, I am realizing that the way is different, every time. I have new stressors and new challenges that influence my relationship with food. I cannot be tied to the method that God uses to answer my prayers; I just move in faith, knowing that he is answering.

Sending well wishes to you all, friends. Keep going.

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