Dear Friends with Racial Privilege (you know who you are;),

I am writing with a request. This blog will deviate from my usual posts about food. I write especially to those of you who identify as loving Jesus and label yourself with the name of Christian. This morning, I just felt compelled to write about race. Your help is desperately needed with the events our country has been experiencing lately.

Remember the story of the Good Samaritan (Luke 10:25-37)? Remember how the man lay by the side of the road – waiting on someone to help? In 2015, this story mirrors what is happening with racial and ethnic minorities in this country. Blacks. Hispanics. Asians. American Indians.

I’m sure you know the story – two people passed him by without helping him. Two. Guess who the first one was? The priest. Yup – the spiritual one. The one who was supposed to have access to God. And the second? Just another who was also spiritual – the Levite. He was supposed to be assisting the priest in worship. He passed right on by too.

As I sit with my brothers and sisters on the side of the road, I need to say something to you. When you are silent, you are passing us by. When you refuse to acknowledge the pain by the side of the road, you are passing us by. When you blame us for being on the side of the road, and use that as an excuse to not help – you are passing us by. Please stop it. If anyone should stop – it should be the Christians.

You know what we need – your hand and your love. That same love that God has for you. We need you to stop long enough to look at us on the side of the road, and do as Jesus says – have mercy. I know you may not know what to say. I know you may feel inadequate. Guilty even. But please don’t walk by. Don’t let that be an excuse for you to do nothing. Please. If you can think of no other first steps – get on your knees and pray. Ask God to guide your footsteps and reveal to you how you can help and use your racial privilege to make a difference. We really need you now.

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