Tip #1: Remember, food is your fuel, not your friend.

For so many years, I would talk about food like she was a living thing! Alive, and ready to meet my need for comfort, and a remedy for years of boredom and feeling left out. But, a pastor I watch reminded me of the fact that my relationship with food needs to be simplified. It is FUEL.  It is a tool used to give us energy, to nourish us, and to help us to accomplish our daily tasks. 

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So, if it is just supposed to be fuel, when did I make it something else?

When did it become the lover of my soul? 

Or a friend to comfort me when I am lonely?

Or something to look forward to after a long week.

Food was never supposed to do that. It can’t do that. 

Sis, one of the first steps toward finding freedom in your relationship with food is transforming the way that you look at food. Think about what you eat most of the time. Are you filling yourself with types of food that help you?  Or are you having a relationship of comfort, filled with things that don’t truly give you what you need, other than the taste? 

Sis, you have to choose you. And sometimes, you have to draw a new boundary. The first thing that needs to shift is our mindset. 

Remember, food is not your friend. Ask God to help you make this transition and show you how to truly live this way in your daily life. 

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