For the last few days, I have been feeling the need to show honor to those who have helped me make it through 2020. Who are some of those people? My YouTube workout instructors!  My, they have been absolutely amazing. These instructors have helped me to improve my commitment to physical activity, and have given me no excuse not to work out when the weather was bad. Thought I may never meet any of these people, I still want to let you know how amazing their workouts are!

#3: Jeanette Jenkins– Hollywood Trainer Club/PopSugar:

I just started with Jeanette a few weeks ago, and she is amazing. Her workouts are CHALLENGING. If I started with her back in March, I might have quit. However, now I feel ready!  She has an entire program if you would like to pay monthly ($20), but I have been just doing her free videos on YouTube through PopSugar. Her routines are less dancing, and more about focused sets of exercises to improve your cardio fitness and to sculpt your body. This sis did not come to PLAY! Jeanette is incredibly talented, focused, and makes me want to do my best every video.

#2: Mike Peele: Hip Hop Fit

Mike Peele is the creator of a program called “Hip Hop Fit.” This brotha’s hustle is STRONG. He has a new video out EVERY WEEK. This is your program if you like to dance more than you like to exercise. I always put on his videos when I know I need to complete my physical activity for the day, but I am not in the mood for anything really challenging. I just want to have fun. He typically has you learn a dance routine, and then he repeats it several times with you throughout the video. He has great energy, and also has a great spirit of encouragement. He even celebrated with his subscribers when he hit a recent milestone on YouTube.

#1: Tanju Koc: Fit711

This guy is my absolute fav!  If I had to pick one person to be my instructor, I would pick him. I consistently return to his videos. His instruction and routines are very friendly to those in larger bodies. He loves to dance and it shows. I always smile when completing his routines and I love that I get to exercise and have fun. I would rate his style as more fun than challenging, though I always break a sweat! A win for me! He also brings his Mexican heritage into his musical selections, and has exposed me to new music and artists.  If you are a person that just wants to move and have fun, rather than complete complicated routines and/or workout “boot camp style” then I would recommend his videos. He also ends many of his videos with Michael Jackson music. A win for me! He has several through FitSEVENELEVEN, and I have done most every one during this pandemic!

Sending you all joy and peace. Journey on.

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