A couple of weeks ago, I learned about the newest dessert shop on our side of town. I remember the day when I found out about the news. I instantly started planning when I would visit. I always look up the reviews (they were amazing), and then I look at what people typically order, just to make sure I get the right thing when I get there.

Yesterday was finally the day. My son and I went after school. I started getting excited once I pulled in the parking lot. We often discuss the “curb appeal” of homes, but I think we can say the same for restaurants and/or bakeries. This place had IT. I could smell the cookies from the parking lot.

When we walked in, the cookies were on display so beautifully. Fresh. Right out of the oven. My son, who is a foodie just like me, started getting excited. So did I. Our wait was not long once we placed the order. We opened the box and just melted.

Now, you may be wondering – Aren’t you trying to lose weight? Why are YOU even in a place like this? Well, to make this journey more manageable, I typically allow myself 3 passes a week to eat a food that I enjoy. Its worked out pretty nicely for me, and I find I am able to enjoy a treat, and still make progress toward my goals.

I, however, still have to take caution. The “greedy” version of myself was already thinking about how I could have more than one cookie. I could just taste it alongside of the milk. I decided (it wasn’t easy!) that one would be enough.

The next day, the box of cookies was still there (we had gotten some for my husband). As I walked past the box in my house, I found myself looking in there from time to time. Just to see them again. Ahh. love.

I did not eat another cookie, however.

I have realized in season 55 of “Rachel’s weight loss journey” (ha!) that as much as I love cookies, I love myself even more. I haven’t always been there at the place of self-love in this weight journey. I am now though. I just cannot succumb to the old way any longer. I’ve gone too far and seen too much.

One of my friends posted last week about “choosing your hard” and it really resonated with me. It is hard to be at a weight where you don’t feel comfortable or healthy, and it is hard to make the daily choices that place you closer to your health goals. Choose your hard.

Well, I have chosen. I have to keep reminding myself daily of my choice, but that’s ok. I’m still moving forward, pushing myself closer and closer to my health goals. I hope you are finding your way to your goal too.

Journey on, friends.

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