Got on the scale today. I’m up .5 tenths of a pound – basically no change. Sigh. I made pancakes to celebrate. Didn’t overeat though. Ha. I was so frustrated. Really. I thought I had been doing well- eating reasonably well ( well, except for that pizza over the last two days, LOL). I thought I would lose something! But nothing. I’m sure many of you can relate. So not the news I was hoping for this morning. I had made plans to go to the gym today. I almost changed my mind, but I’m still going.

I was also reminded of the measure that really shows what I’ve been doing – my obedience. Was I 100% obedient in not overeating and eating past full? Can I say I have been doing that for the last 7 days? Honestly, no. I cannot say that. I mostly did that, but I can remember a few times when I was more than satisfied due to eating quickly and/or not paying attention. To be honest, if the scale said I lost 2 pounds, I wouldn’t even be writing about that. What matters to ME is the scale number. However, what matters to God is the heart number – the times I submitted to his call to stop eating. And didn’t keep going. Sigh. Sill have work to do.

In his kindness, God gave me a song by Anthony Evans to encourage me “Never Fail.” Here are some of the lyrics:

Our strength is renewed
In your presence
As we wait on you
Our Joy is restored
In your presence
As we worship you
Our faith cannot be shaken

Our God is for us, He will never fail

So, on a day where I didn’t quite get the weight loss news I wanted, I do feel renewed. Here is what I know for sure: I will lose this weight. God will be with me. And this is all working for my good. Oh, and I’m going to try to hold off on the pizza next week. That will probably help a bit too. LOL.

Praying for you all in your weight loss journeys. Listen to the song below – maybe it will encourage you too.

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