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“I don’t feel like I am making progress.”

Isn’t that how this weight journey typically begins? So often, our progress is invisible to us. In my experience, the beginning is SLOW. I often feel like I have lots of false starts.

I often measure my progress by the scale. If the scale is going down, then I must be doing well. If the scale is staying the same, then I must not be doing something right. Sigh. It can be exhausting.

Maybe I need to change my measure.

My husband and I went to Popeye’s and I DID not order anything. Oh, how I wanted a spicy chicken sandwich! Instead, I went across the street to Chick-fil-A, and got a grilled chicken sandwich. Growth.

 I realized it was a nice day outside. I was feeling good.  I decided to go and take a 30-minute walk with the baby. Growth.

 I ate my dinner last night, and I left the table feeling satisfied. I did not overeat, nor did I get seconds. Growth.

 I spoke with my accountability partner, and we both told each other how we had accomplished most, if not all, of our goals for the week. We ended the conversation praying and we also established new goals. We have been speaking consistently for 3-4 weeks now. Growth.

 After all that “growth,”  I hopped on the scale this morning. I had to see what my “measure” told me. I had lost .5 pounds from the last read a few days ago. Hmm. Not as much as I had hoped. But that’s ok. Thank you for the information, scale. I am learning—you are not my source of approval.

Am I improving my health behaviors weekly? YES

 Am I using food appropriately and NOT relying on it as a coping source? YES

 Did I increase my physical activity from the week before? YES

Did I JUST have a baby 4 months ago? YES

 Breathe, mama. Breathe.

I realize I am doing better than I thought. Maybe you are too. Let’s remember to measure a little more accurately the next time. Keep going, friends.


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