I need accountability. Maybe you do too.

I have realized that two forms of accountability are helpful: 1) person-to-person and 2) weighing myself on the scale.

I want to believe that I can do this on my own. But, if I reflect on all the times I have been successful at losing a significant amount of weight, I have always had help. Every single time. I just don’t think I can focus long enough to do what is needed without it. So now, my accountability partner and I talk on the phone weekly about our goals and troubleshoot the areas where we are struggling. It is so helpful. Sometimes the only reason I don’t make a poor health choice is because I know I’ll have to share it with my accountability partner. What a deterrent! I have learned God has not made us to be alone. This verse often comforts me: “Two are better than one, because they have a good return for their labor. For if one falls down, his companion can lift him up, but pity the one who falls without another to help him up (Ecclesiastes 4: 9-10).” I often see this verse applied to marriage, but it sure is applicable to this weight loss journey!

I currently weigh myself 2-3 times per week. Yes, I want to know if I am making progress, but more importantly, I am making myself accountable for my eating choices. I think of the scale as a visual “check me” session. This goes one step further than my accountability partner. She responds to what I tell her. The scale responds to what I would rather no one else know: The sum total of my eating decisions. I have had seasons where I have not used the scale regularly; in all of those seasons; I gained more weight than I thought I would. In all of those seasons. Without this measure of my accountability, I have no way of really knowing if what I am doing is helpful. When I step on it and the numbers are higher than I would like, I quickly make adjustments and make sure that I am engaging in disciplined behavior once again. If the scale is showing progress, I can look back on my most recent behavior and recognize something that needs to continue.

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I am a person who needs accountability. How about you?


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