That is THE question. There are so many ways that you could begin your weight loss journey. Many. And if you stick with the plan you choose, it is likely that you will see some weight loss. However, I think many of us want more than just weight loss. What about sustained weight loss? That is, not having to re-lose these 5 or more pounds a couple of months later. If you want your weight loss to be closer to the sustained end, there are a few things that you will have to do differently. I have learned the difference between my temporary and sustained weight loss attempts (10+ over the last decade). If you are wanting to do something different, here are the first 2 steps you should follow:

1) Pray.

Yup. You need to pray and ask God to help you. In my temporary weight loss attempts, this was something I did:  a) after I had done everything else, b) halfheartedly, or c) not at all. I was surprised to learn that God cared about my weight. To pray means to talk to God. Just like you’re talking to a friend. You can get on your knees, or you can be in your car. Just talk to him. It may feel strange at first, but it will become more comfortable with time. Once you start praying, don’t stop. Keep praying about your weight. And be ready when God provides you an answer. Oh, and it would help to follow his instructions too.

2) Read the Bible.

Again. Another surprising answer. Read the Bible. Pick a verse, a scripture passage, or a devotional online. Or read with a friend. The most important thing is that you read. Why? Reading the Bible can be thought of as a tool to gain supernatural strength. This tool allows you to learn what God says, and provides you with instructions to follow to make right choices about any concern you may be facing. When you pray, ask God to show you a verse that is relevant. This may come as a surprise to some of you, but your difficulty managing your weight is more than about your decisions regarding your eating and exercise. So what is it about then? This part is learned by reading :-).

Here’s the thing: we usually start our weight loss attempts like this:

pyramid #1

Look at the pyramid. Notice the base. Very weak. You are attempting to make a significant change on the basis of willpower. However, as most of you already know, willpower isn’t enough. Willpower doesn’t help when the pressure is on or if you are experiencing stress over a family or work matter. Nor does it help when you are struggling to sustain your eating choices after the excitement of the new journey wears off. Willpower is typically associated with my temporary weight loss attempts.

Let’s look at another pyramid.

pyramid #2.jpg

Whenever I have lost weight for a sustained period of time, it is usually when I have operated on the basis of this pyramid. Look at the foundation. It is strong, secure, and provides me with an anchor of support when I have to engage in the difficulties of weight loss and changing my eating behavior. Additionally, because I start with the foundation of my relationship with God, he helps me to have the strength to make the changes I need to follow through on my eating and/or exercise goals. Totally different experience. Just try it. I’ll be back with more tools soon. I am praying for you.

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