This season, I am learning to live free.

Not to indulge my sinful nature. But from it. I am freed from the bondage that is called ME. The demanding, ruthless nature of mine that wants nothing but to drive me to death. The one that compels me to eat in way that harms, just because it tastes good. 

I am learning my freedom is not an excuse to indulge the sinful nature, but rather to live in obedience to God. My obedience helps me to stay free. That is what I was truly created for. I “get” to live resting on that nature, and to experience the true liberation that he always intended. 

Praise be unto God. 

Lord, you have freed me from my chains by showing me:

The appropriate use of food (fuel, not pleasure)

I am not bound to achieve the approval of a scale

Freedom is not an excuse to indulge the sinful nature of mine (that only wants what it wants, and picks things that have temporal benefits)

Honoring and caring for my body with proper nutrition and exercise is true freedom.

Live free.

Friend, I am praying for you too as you journey to freedom.

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