I am sharing a blog entry I wrote a few years ago. It was right at the beginning of the last weight loss journey. Beginnings can be hard. As I reflect, however, I see that taking my first steps were worth it. Small changes can lead to big miracles. I’m not sure where you are journeying today, but I hope you will believe again to take your first steps toward wholeness and freedom.

Will you come with me?


January 5, 2020

“A Hope for a New Year”

I am back trying to lose weight. This time around, I have access to one thing that previously, felt in low supply. Hope. I’ve been down this road so many times; I know its sharp turns, endless plains, and dark, endless nights. I know how the story ends. It makes the journey that much easier.

But what about those of you who decided they would rather sit this one out? First, I get it. This road is very daunting; the journey can be filled with too many false starts. Too much hard work for what often amounts to nothing. And some of you have decided that taking this journey is more than many of you can bear. You wave at me, wish me well, and settle into your new home, vowing to make the best.

Well, wait one minute. Please. Before I go.

Please reconsider coming with me.

You see, there may be a shard of hope that may still exist in your heart. A shred of hope that this can happen. I believe it’s still there. So, I’m asking.

Believe again. Hope again. Decide again that you want to take this next step. You see, with God, this can happen. The hope you place can be worth it. You can experience victory.

You may have an image of what this looks like or is supposed to look like at the end. Tear it up. Yea, I know you want this picture. It may not be worth it to you if it doesn’t turn out the way you desire.

Again, from a seasoned traveler, this doesn’t exist. And it may not look exactly like you hoped. Still come.

Part of the reason why I am asking you to come is because I have asked a friend to join us. I think know the trip will be worth it if he comes.

God has previously traveled with me on my last trips. His companionship has made all the difference. He has a way of helping me see things differently, of pushing through my despair and fog with something to cause me to hope again. His voice calmed; his presence guided. He helped. He introduced me to freedom and peace, two places that were so comforting for this weary traveler.

Ideal weight loss was the land I was hoping to go to. I’ve heard it was pretty great there—at least that’s what they say. Seems that people will do whatever it takes to get there. I should let you know I’m not going there. I typically try to get there but fail for some reason or another. Decided I’m going to a different place this time.

Along with my companion, we will be traveling to, well, I guess I’m not entirely sure. God promises it will be worth it and I’ll be whole and free in the end.

I think I like those odds. I certainly can’t stay here. I won’t stay here and I don’t want to leave you behind.

Just think about it.

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