Okay, here’s my bbq update and a little review for those of you who have no idea of what I’m talking about. I did a video blog a few days ago to let you know about my weight loss update, and I also asked for prayer for an upcoming bbq I was going to this past Saturday. I asked for prayer because eating at big functions like that is still a weak area for me in terms of having control over my eating habits.

I wanna let you all know that the bbq went really well! You all must have been praying because I wasn’t that hungry during the event. Most of my time was spent talking with friends. However, I did make sure to partake in some of the great food, just not too much of it! I felt good after I left the bbq and was really proud of myself. Things could have gone a lot worse, and I have plenty of memories from times when that has happened to me. Saturday was a good day and I give glory to God for that victory! The accountability from you guys and my friends and family is really helping me stay on track!

Enjoy your Labor Day bbqs with all the wonderful food that is being cooked as I write this, but don’t eat too much! When your body says stop, put the fork down. I guarantee you will have a much more enjoyable holiday dinner with a satisfied stomach than with an overstuffed one. Partake in the leftovers ministry and spread that dinner over the next few days! If it tastes good today, it will taste good tomorrow!


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