Happy New Year!

For the past year, I have been pursuing weight loss. Though I lost 12 lbs., I believe the year was really reflective of my continued maturity in the regular practice of my health behaviors. Indeed, every weight loss attempt, I seem to add new skills. In 2020, I finally worked my way up to exercising 4-6 days per week, and eating a nutritionist-recommended meal plan nearly 90% of my meals. Wow, I have come so far.

This year is also the first year I have realized the continued need to focus on my health behaviors, independent of whatever happens with the scale.  Normally, I pay attention just long enough to lose the weight I desire. After I hit that goal, however,  I typically shift into weight gain prevention mode, which includes far less workouts and a much more relaxed eating plan (i.e., whatever I want!). I am never able to focus on maintaining my health behaviors with intensity after I am done pursuing my weight loss. THAT is a problem. It has made my pursuit of health and wellness very shallow, and one that is easily interrupted.

You see, as a rule, I exercise to either lose or maintain my weight. I choose foods, and eat a certain way because I am trying to lose or maintain my weight. I weigh on the scale regularly to lose or maintain my weight. On the surface, that seems like a good goal. Once the worry about weight is removed (i.e., hit my weight goal, pregnancy) however, I tend to not pursue my health behaviors with as much intention.

For my long-term health and freedom, it just has to be about more than the weight.

Well, I have finally matured to the fact that I am setting a goal to practice my health behaviors all year—no matter what happens with my weight. Lord, help.

So, this means that if I: a) meet or lose interest in my weight loss goal, or b) can no longer lose weight for some reason, I will still practice my health offer my worship to God with my health behaviors. I had to cross out “practice my health behaviors”, because it is going to have to be about more than that for me to make it long-term, ha!

I finally got it. This lesson has taken me YEARS. I have finally matured to what God has been trying to teach me. All of my health decisions need to be made as an act of worship to him, and one that is independent to whatever is happening with the scale.

I exercise to stay physically fit, and to keep my body in optimal condition as an ACT OF WORSHIP. God, thank you for my body.

I make healthful eating decisions as an ACT OF WORSHIP, and to keep the body he has given me strong and nourished. God, thank you for all the wonderful food you have given me to eat; please help me choose well.

I practice both of these behaviors regularly because God has given me my health, and has been so gracious to me over these years. It is a privilege to honor him with my behaviors. God, thank you for my life.

I am celebrating growth! Whoo!

Friends, I am sending warm thoughts and prayers for favor and hope to abound in this new year for you. Journey on.

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  1. Wonderful and encouraging. Years ago, I worked with a little girl who could not walk and was just figuring out that this made her different from everyone else. In my personal life, I was trying to get into an exercise habit and was so struck that I should not be complaining or seeing exercise as a chore, but rather as a blessing that I was able to participate in. It was an important mind shift for me and still is. Your post reminded me of that experience.

    1. Yes! It is a blessing AND a gift we have been given if we choose to see it that way. I GET to take care of my physical body; it is by no means a burden. Thank you for posting!

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