Rachel Goode: Journey to Freedom

Whole & Free

Rachel helps women create a life-long strategy to experience long-lasting peace in their relationship with food and manage their weight in all seasons of life.

Many of you struggle to be at peace with your body, and to feel in control of your relationship with food.
You have spent years dieting and obsessing about your weight.
What if I told you there was another way?
A path that would lead you to peace and freedom.
A strategy, even, that could help you be whole in this area.

Let’s journey to freedom together.

Does this sound like you?

  • Comforting yourself with food
  • Give so much to others that you don’t have a lot to give to yourself
  • Gain and lose the same 20 pounds frequently
  • Feel out of control around food
  • Endless thoughts or preoccupation with your body
  • Embarrassed to take pictures
  • Avoiding people from your past due to weight gain
  • Feel like your weight holds you back from your future
  • History of dieting

You see that you need to gain control of your eating behaviors, but feel stuck.

I have felt the same way. Let me help.

Hey sis,

I always knew I LOVED food. For a girl who moved around a lot, felt tall and awkward, and longed to make friends but couldn’t, food became a willing tool of escape. I thought about food constantly: when I was going to eat it, how I could eat more of it, and why it never fully left me satisfied. My weight got higher and higher each year. I was out of control and did not know what to do. I knew there had to be another way to live.

After trying to diet for the umpteenth time, I was done. I asked God to help me, and he guided me through a journey of learning to listen to my signals of hunger and fullness. Though the road was not easy, I took it step-by-step, and my life began to change. I lost nearly 70 pounds and felt more self-control than ever before.

I know the way out and I want to show you.

Rachel Goode: Journey to Freedom Weightloss Coach

Three services designed to help you find peace in your relationship with food and develop a strategy to manage your weight for life.

Freedom Chasers Group Coaching

A 6-month virtual group coaching program designed to help motivated and high-achieving women, like you, create a plan to gain control over your eating behavior, learn to listen to your signals of hunger and fullness, and develop spiritual and health behaviors that will set a foundation to help you obtain your body’s ideal weight.

This is perfect for you if you would like to go deeper to understand your eating behaviors, thrive in community, and would like a faith-centered approach to help you to achieve your goals.

Free and Fit Club

A 6-week virtual challenge group coaching program designed to provide accountability and support
to help take you step-by-step to improve your nutrition behaviors and physical activity. We will work to develop your strategy for long-term weight management.

This is perfect for you if you thrive with accountability, and would like additional nutritional guidance to help you achieve your health and weight goals.


A self-led, video-based course designed to walk you step-by-step through the process to understand your eating behaviors, improve your ability to listen to your signals of hunger and fullness, and stop emotional and out-of-control eating.

This is perfect for you desire change, but you want to move at your own pace.

Rachel Goode: Eating FREE Download

My free gift for you

Want to know the steps I took to lose 70 pounds, and find freedom in my relationship with food?

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